Monday, November 19, 2012

Alberta Bound!

I am grateful to be able to show up and do the work today.

Make It! Vancouver was...a blur. 

Hence, I only have one stinkin' picture from the whole event! I left my booth only to get caffeine and go to the lavatory. I was hoping to check out some of the other 140 artisans peddling their wares, alas there was work to be done! 

Again, mucho love to my friend Kevin (if we weren't such kick ass friends, I'd run off to Vegas and marry him!) who came to my apt Thursday morning to help me load everything into my car and his SUV. When we got to the Croatian Cultural Centre low and behold, the biggest baddest dolly was just sitting at the front door all alone...I swear I saw a GLOW around it (thanks universe!). I almost started vibrating I was SO excited...this meant the usual 10 or so trips in and out could be shortened down to 2 or 3 which meant more time to unpack and get set up! YAY! 

It still took me 4 hours...and I was still tweaking (putting final price tags on jewelry, bookmarks into gift boxes etc)..but I LOOKED set up when the clock struck 4...that's the important thing.

Nine thousand people (no joke) came through the doors and there were people lined up all 4 mornings to get in! Thursday and Friday were mildly busy but Saturday and Sunday were the cray cray days! At times there were so many people in my booth that none of us could move! 

As always, I had amazing booth neighbours, Ross and Suzanne from Two Monkeys Design on Salt Spring Island, who make toques, scarves and shawls with natural fibres. They saved my bladder a couple of times by watching my booth as did the lovely Joanne from Cocoa West Chocolatiers on Bowen Island and Carla from Carla's Victorian Heirlooms when they stopped by to say hello..they got put to work instead! Bless them.

Power siblings, Jenna and Chandler Herbut of Make It Productions, pulled off a wicked show yet again! My deepest gratitude to them for making it all happen. I would like to thank my awesome friends who came out to support and all the new peeps I had the pleasure of meeting in my booth. Always my favourite part of the show.

As per usual, I was the last one to leave the party. The show ended at 5 and I got everything packed up by 730. Kevin again helped me load it all up in the pouring rain (don't worry, I repaid him handsomely with wild salmon burgers, roasted potatoes followed by ginger candy, buttery popcorn and re-runs of Locked Up Abroad at my place)! 

I left most of my display stuff in the Subaru as it will be travelling with me on Tuesday to attend the Make It Show at The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert! Oy vey. 

So the next morning I was back at it...transferring images onto wood blocks, making more jewelry, matting prints etc etc etc. The tough thing about these shows is not knowing what is going to sell well and how ya just gotta make a whack load of it and hope for the best! Again, I have barely seen another soul nor done anything leisurely as I've been deep in heavy prep mode yet again. Thank goodness I have amazing friends who understand how much time and effort goes into this kind of thing...and that it's my life's work. There are times I am nostalgic for the days of only 8-5 and weekends off and a steady pay check...oh and benefits! But I am doing what I love. Following my heart. My dreams. And that's da bomb:) Maybe I just need a vacay (or a lottery win?) to de-stress a little. Hawaii anyone?

I still have not figured how I will fit myself and everything I need to take in my car PLUS a suitcase?! Especially since I usually use 2 vehicles to haul everything. It will be an ADVENTURE!

Thanks to el iPhone-o, I will have 8tracks, Hayhouse Radio and audio books to entertain me on the drive. More than anything, the prospect of seeing my AB peeps is what is keeping me going and has made this all so exciting:)

Here's the deets for the show:

Make It! Edmonton
Enjoy Centre
101 Riel Drive  St. Albert
Admission: $5 (good for all 4 days)

Thursday 4-9
Friday 11-9
Saturday 11-7
Sunday 11-5

Click here to get $1 off admission. Print out or show on your phone at the door.

"Exert your talents, and distinguish yourself, and don't think of retiring from the world, until the world will be sorry that you retire."  
- Samuel Johnson, British writer.

 "Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain." 
- Joseph Campbell, American mythologist, writer. 

"Life in itself is an empty canvas; it becomes whatsoever you paint on it. You can paint misery, you can paint bliss. This freedom is your glory."  
OshoIndian philosopher.  

In case you are wondering, I get most of my quotes from The Daily Love. It is the ONE newsletter I never delete and read every day. Check it yo!