Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are you dreaming?

So I've just finished Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver and I am happily knackered! It went for three days this past weekend and four days the weekend before. I hadn't spent a lot of time in West Van but if I may make a sweeping generalization: what a pleasant bunch of lovely, sweetly aromatic, art lovin' people living over there! 

Some new additions to my display were some oversized postcards promoting my photo jewelry on one side and the other, my fine art and travel photos. My wicked amazing and crazy photogenic bestie Amanda, modeled the jewelry down by the beach for me. She is officially the spokesmodel for Hugger of Seas Photo Jewelry...she really didn't have a say in the matter:) I also found some branches to put in a vase and make a jewelry tree! It was an art in itself arranging the necklaces so it wouldn't tip over and poke out an eye, but I think I managed to avoid any lawsuits. 

I haven't officially unveiled my logo, so voila! It is here!

I named it this obviously for my affinity with the sea and many of my images are oceanic in nature. Since I didn't pursue my OTHER dreams of becoming a Marine Biologist or a pro surfer (ha ha), then making sea-themed jewelry is perhaps the next best thing! I am also all about conservation and contribute monthly to Greenpeace and also support Paul Watson and all of Sea Shepherd's endeavours. Yes, I hug seas. 

The weeks leading up to the festival were maniacal as always. Designing and ordering new promo cards, business cards, hang tags, banners, stickers, labels, signage etc. And then of course figuring out how many prints to have and how much jewelry to make!

I arrived at 10 AM on Friday morning (Aug. 3rd) and had 4 hours to set up...and as per usual, I put out the last piece of jewelry just in time, as the clock struck 2! The weather could not have been more perfect and I had a moment of, am I really living this? I remember when I was about 27 visiting my friend Kelli on the island and saw artists selling their wares by the water. I thought to myself, I want to do that someday! And well, there I was with an ocean breeze, the sun shinin' and live music too even?!

Yes that elephant bum has sparkles on it...living in the West End has rubbed off on me! It was also Pride weekend:)

Morning commute.

Live music by the sea all day and all night!

Shadow Love.
Closed up shop by 930 most nights to have just enough time to catch the final light of the day.
View of West Van driving home across the Lion's Gate Bridge.

Snuck out of my booth to watch one of my fave local bands, The Matinee, playing 'The Road'! Such good stuff...one of those tunes you never get sick of and makes you want to roll down the windows and belt out 'this old rooooooad, this dirty rooooooad'! My apologies to anyone who has had to bare witness to this.

Find them on FB and Twitter

My friend Kris Brownlee, aka A Cagey Bee! One of the most talented artists in the city in my opinion. You can find her at all the major markets with her original fanciful paintings, prints, lockets, wood blocks and other splendid things! 

My paintings of big-eyed girls and soft, furry animals have a sweet quality, the muted palette evoking the feeling of a vintage storybook, but there’s often a touch of sadness there too. Like all of us, they struggle to fit in, to find their place in the world, to grow up. As they stare out from the canvas, there is a sense of longing in their curious expressions, as if they are asking to be remembered.

Find her on FB and Twitter

Amanda Parker, also a fave artiste living in the area was there with her glass art and jewelry line, Mariane + Hazel. Her art and display were breathtaking. Clean. Fresh. Good. But she describes it better below: 

All of these images transcend the turmoil that is happening in the world reminding us of the importance of familial history and to cherish it. In archeological terms, textiles and paper have a limited life span degrading over time and often disappearing altogether. Rendering these works in glass gives them an archival quality while also using the inherent properties of glass to highlight characteristics such as fragility and transparency. Putting these images and items in a new context gives them a layered meaning that surpasses the actual memories themselves.

Find her on FB and Twitter

I walked by Jacob Rolfe's booth, an amazing illustrator and screen printer from Toronto, several times on my daily coffee run and couldn't stop thinking about a certain print...see bottom of blog to SEE! 

Check out his work at The Floating World.

And last but not least, there was Dawn Walnoha-MacKechnie, my market neighbour and fellow creative master minder! When there was the rare lull, we brainstormed about things we were going to make post market, told stories, threw our heads back in fits of laughter and just had an all around great time hangin'. Dawn makes felted dog leashes...made out of pure wool, super strong, washable, stretch and hang to dry. Ask me anything...I know the whole schpiel! She also makes beautiful shawls, scarves, purses and laptop cases.

This is her website: The Leash Lady!

And then..it was over. 

This is the Subaru on Sunday night, jam packed with all the stuff. This car is da bomb! YAY SUBARU (and thanks again Papi for making my life so much easier with this generous gift!).

Thanks to all my friends who came to visit and support. And to all who purchased my jewelry or a print...it just fills my heart with joy that people are drawn to and resonate with my work.

And so here it is...my one and only purchase from the market. Obviously I love that there is a cat in it but most importantly that big 'Dream Drop' going into the 'Creation Box' reminds me TO dream. I had one 10 years ago...me living by the ocean and selling my art:)

Are YOU dreaming?


Dawn said...

Hey Partner! Thanks for the shoutout. I love that my favorite scissors are in the shot of your beautiful jewelry. I missed the Make It deadline but maybe I'll see you somewhere else.... Dawn

Amanda Parker said...

Tracey what a lovely post! Thanks so much for being so awesome and taking the time to craft such a lovely post about the Harmony Arts Festival! Also big thanks for the inclusion of my photo and the kind words about my work. It is muchly appreciated :)

Tracey Tomtene said...

Hi Dawn! Anytime! lol I know how much you love those multi use scissors:)))) Yes hope to see you sometime somewhere again soon!

Amanda! Was happy to include your work in the post...cause I love it and you're awesome:)

HUGS to you both!