Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Schlepped and I Schlepped and then I...Schlept.

Greetings from the most expensive city in North America that has not see the sun in WEEKS! Ya better pull up your socks Vangroovy or I'm hightailing it the hellz outta here to a cheaper, SUNNIER locale, ya hear?! 

GRRR...I mean, Ommmmm:)

First things first! I will be at the Car Free Main Street Festival this Sunday..and until then I will be sun dancing my tookus off to ensure it WILL be a SUN-tastical day!

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So here is a little update of my last month on the market circuit...

Elephant, Pai, Thailand and Sky, Ohope Beach, NZ Necklaces

I sold the above necklaces to two dudes at Artworld Expo. I had to take a pic as most of my jewelry appeals to woman mainly. Since the Buddha rings have been drawing in a male crowd as well, I am now pondering a men's line..cuff links, rings and short necklaces like the above! 

Viewer and Security Guard, Top of the Rock, NY

The absolute highlight of my night (and month) was selling 'Viewer' and 'Security Guard', taken from the top of Rockefeller Ctr in New York, to a lovely couple. I so dig that they were both purchased  by the same people..they belong together:) 

These were the images selected for the show!

Next was the group exhibit at Photohaus Gallery. It was a collection of images taken with camera phones, hence the name Mobileography 2.0! Unfortunately my name was spelled wrong underneath each of my prints...'Tracey Toment'. To add insult to injury, one of my friends heard an observer who was looking at one of my pics say, 'sounds like a stripper name'. FABULOUS!

Imagine, Indian Ocean Locket in a Rock Scallop Seashell

Large white and bamboo frame beneath it by Jaxon Howell

I purchased a display rack from Wonderbucks for my photo jewelry (left). My table just didn't have enough room for the postcards, prints AND jewelry so this was a perfect solution AND I can add it to my living room decor...which is actually more like a work/storage space these days but a nice addition nonetheless! It made its first appearance at Portobello Market. It ended up being a BEAUTIFUL weekend (who knew it would be our last?) which actually did not work well being an indoor market and all of Vancouver wanting to be outdoors. So much work goes into preparing for these markets so when peeps don't show up it can be quite disappointing. The upside was that I had time to get to know my fellow vendors a little better AND...I had a good hair day;)

Portobello Fashion + Art Market

Made 25 of these bad boys for the Crafty Affaire Swag Bags 

A Crafty Affaire was the last market I attended in South Surrey. It was a coolish day and not a Starbucks in sight. Luckily my friend Reagan paid me a little visit with an Americano in hand just pour moi! Love that girl! It wasn't as busy as I had hoped and perhaps not the perfect audience for my wares but hey, I learn something new every time I participate in a market...I also increase my ninja arm strength by schlepping all my paraphernalia down 3 flights of stairs into my car, into wherever I am exhibiting, out of wherever I am exhibiting back into my car and up 3 flights of stairs again:) Gym schmym. 

Of course I would not be able to do any of this if it was not for my most excellent Papi who graciously purchased a Subaru Forester so I could have wheels when I was in AB with Mom back in the fall. It has proved to be VERY useful as an ATU (Art Transportation Unit) in BC! And with that I would like to wish him and all you other kick ass Dads out there a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

For My Papa - Happy Father's Day! from Tracey Tomtene on Vimeo.

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