Monday, November 18, 2013

Just hours left to...

Get your tickets to Raw Artists Vancouver! See more info at bottom of posting:) 

My Studio (and me)...somewhat polished!
Welcome to all who signed up for my newsletter this past weekend at the Eastside Culture Crawl! Was great to see you there and what an amazing turn out...I don't think I ever could have fathomed that many people 'crawling' through my space, but it happened:)It was a rather nutty few weeks leading up to it..the usual mayhem that one experiences when preparing for a show! There never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done nor hours in the night to SLEEP! I have to say that my fellow artists are some of the hardest working people I know...if it were only just creating the art, this would be enough, but one wears so many hats: entrepreneur, social media maven, tax expert, marketing genius, graphic designer, inventory & supply specialist, administrator, bookkeeper, publicist, sales rep..the list goes on!

That is why it is bloody awesome when The Georgia Straight, our local news and entertainment weekly, asks for your info so they can publish an article about your jewelry!

See it here

1000 Parker Street, suite 204 
The local photographer’s oceanic imagery and other travel shots appear under domed glass on delicate, Old World–look jewellery. Behind every piece is the artist’s clear love of the sea, journeys around the world, and nature and its conservation. Even in tiny form, on pendants and earrings, her pictures of everything from sharks to surf to cherry blossoms and, yes, even Thai elephant bums, have a transportive magic.  
Must-Have Piece: You have to love the story behind the round, copper Boat Portal, Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia ring, with its shot taken through a porthole (it comes on an antique-ish locket, too); for the local beach-lover, opt for the English Bay, Vancouver necklace, set in a teardrop of vintage-style copper-plated brass.  
Target Crawler: The Lonely Planet crowd, frequent fliers, and those who dream of joining them.

Prior to that Make It Productions, interviewed me as their Designer of the Week! The full article is here. Come to Make It at the PNE November 28th-December 1! Event details here.

So back to The Crawl...I sold 3 large pieces: ('Stubby the Pigeon' left, 'Shiny Waves, Hawaii' and 'Short Walk, Long Journey, New York' above), along with oodles of jewelry, wood blocks, prints and postcards!                                                                 
I had JUST received 'Stubby' the day before and this was the biggest I had ever printed him (30x40) and on wood, no less! 

I was so stoked to see him that large and what's more, that people wanted to take him home with them:) 

So that's one event down, and 3 to go! Up next is RAW Artists Showcase!

I will have street, surf and travel photography from New York, Hawaii, SE Asia, New Zealand and Mexico printed on wood and metal as well as set in jewelry.

Just HOURS left to get your tix (deadline is  Tuesday, November 19th midnight)!

For tix (just $15) and more info, cruise over to this link: 

There will be 40 artists participating from several different genres: film, fashion, performing art, music, photography, art, hair and make-up! Feeling pretty lucky to be participating alongside such amazing local talent! 

I REALLY appreciate your support and hope I see you there:)))


4th Floor, 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver, BC 

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