Friday, May 9, 2014

How AWESOME is Your Mom?

It is that time of year again...Mother's Day! And for the third year in a row, I am holding my annual How Awesome is Your Mom? Mother's Day Contest!

My Mom is no longer here in body, but is definitely here in spirit. She was a kind and giving soul that sparkled wherever she went. I still get sprinkled with her sparkles every once in awhile and feel so blessed to have had such a great relationship with her for 36 years of my life. I know not everyone is so lucky.

This contest is for any of you who still have your Moms on this earth plane and those who do not. Maybe you never met your Mom and have someone in your life that has become an adopted or faux Mama?

Regardless, I wanna know why she is so bloody awesome! Leave a comment on the FB posting here or on my blog or if reading in your inbox, respond to this email.

Now. For the prizzzzes!!

I have made 3 necklaces special for Mother's Day but you are not ltd to these. If none appeal, you may choose any jewelry (handstamped or photo) in my Etsy shop:!  

Hand Stamped German Silver and Copper

Hand Stamped Wood and Naturally Aged Brass

Hand Stamped Wood and Naturally Aged Brass 

I will announce the winners on my FB page Sunday night!

In other news..the Art World Expo at Telus World of Science went quite swimmingly aside from a 30x40 wood print of Stubby the Pigeon getting knocked over (I didn't see the damage until I packed up) and a 24x24 metal print of Cherry Blossoms falling backwards off my table. ACK! A reminder as to why I stopped bringing big pieces to shows! Bollocks!

I had to leave my apt by 3:45 to pick up my friend Kevin who (bless him) was going to help me load everything in to the venue and also to pick up some of my stock at Giving Gifts & Co., the collective I sell at. Of course, this would be the time that my cat, Pusskin, would choose to disappear. 

I looked for her for 15 minutes before I had to hand it over to my wicked awesome neighbours (Pusskin has about 18 aunties and uncles in my building) who continued the search and kept watch for her while updating me via text. Meanwhile, I am already my usual basket case self when trying to get to a show in time, unload everything and set up! 

FINALLY at 7:30...over 3 hours later, she just appeared out of thin air. A week later, and none of us still have a clue where she was!

When I got the text...I sat down and said to my friend Delaney who was helping me, that all was right with the world now. The stress of the show seemed very minuscule compared to the possibility that I wouldn't be able to find my beloved pet. Sometimes one needs this sort of drama to put everything into perspective.
Every dreamer knows that it's entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than familiar ground. - Judith Thurman
The show was really busy and I met a tonne of really cool people. This was the first time I have sold metal jewelry at a show or market and it seemed quite popular! This made me so happy as making these pieces has really brought contentment and peace to my life.

Stamping out words like, 'Believe, Strength, Fearless, Survivor, Do Epic Shit' etc. must affect me on some energetic level. Kind of like Emoto's Water Experiment - writing loving words on water bottles to change its molecules into pretty crystalline structures or just simply the marvelous impact of repeating positive affirmations has on one's life. I hope that anyone who wears these pieces has a similar experience:)

Til next time, wishing you a SPLENDID Mother's Day Weekend! I will be thinking about and feeling grateful for the many memories I have of mine!  

Made as part of a donation package to a silent auction for
The Assoc. for the Protection of Fur Bearing Animals

P.S. Professional photographer, Rachel Lando of Lando Images and Portrait Photography will be at Giving Gifts & Company at 4570 Main St (Main and 30th, the artisan collective I am a part of) doing mini photo sessions of moms and their kids (or just kids) for Mother's Day. Stop by the store on Sunday, May 11th between 2 and 4pm.

The photo shoot will be short and fun, so feel free to just stop by! You'll get one free digital image.

Rachel will be doing the photo shoot by donation to Cherish our Children. A $15 donation is suggested. Cherish Our Children International funds programs and projects that provide a brighter future for the world’s most vulnerable children. They work in countries such as Israel, Bosnia, Kenya, Mexico, Romania and Serbia to protect and nurture children so they have a solid foundation for healthy physical, intellectual and emotional development.

I'd love to see you at the store tomorrow between 2 and 4pm with your kids (and/or moms) and get your picture taken. We'll have flowers and tea for moms too:) 

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