Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Sterling Silver 'OM' Necklace, Vintage Brass 'Gypsea' Ring, German Silver Personalized Heart Pendant
So I WAS makin' my little tookus off for Bloom Market in Ft. Langley up until last Sunday when I went down..way, way down for the count with feelings of unwellness. Not the kind that you can just ignore and keep truckin' through unfortunately..full on death's door can't move 'am I gonna make it?' seeing angels I want my Mom come to Jesus kind of sick. It broke my heart into smithereens having to cancel my booth at the market, but without the ability to clone a healthier version of myself, there was no choice in the matter. I have said it before, I will say it is numero uno. If you've got that, you have everything! I may elaborate more on this in a future blog, but right now Mama's got to get back to work!

Photo Bling Session
Having said that, I am feeling extra super grateful just to be sitting at my computer writing this newsletter to you now. Also, that I have my own business to run. Yes when I go down, the biz goes down but if I was working for someone....ummm, I probably would be out of a job right now. It's thanks to you and all the people who support me and purchase my art that I am able to get up and and get back in the saddle again! And in light of all the sales coming up this weekend, I decided to have a little 'er...BIG FRICKIN' GRATITUDE SALE in celebration of you and everyone who supports me and small businesses.

Please use the following coupon codes all based on minimum purchase amounts in my Etsy shop,

$35 and up - 15% off: GRATITUDE15
$70 and up - 20% off: GRATITUDE 20
$100 and up - 25% off: GRATITUDE 25

Newsletter subscribers get first dibs on this sale - it is live as soon as you read this email and ends Monday, December 1st at 11:59 PM PST. Please feel free to forward and share with friends and family!

Let me know if you have any questions about the sale and remember you can always personalize jewelry with your own words or photos as well as prints and wood blocks! 

And on with some news! We have had a beautiful autumn in Vancouver. Unfortunately due to feeling not so fab and being stankin' busy in between, I have not been making my usual trips down to see Sven the leetle friend at Lost Lagoon. He was my muse this summer. I hadn't been taking a lot of pictures since the jewelry making keeps me well occupied, but he inspired which brought me more de-stress time in nature...the best therapy!

Sven..the Svawn, Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
See more of Sven on my Instagram account:)

The unrelenting rain and dark skies have arrived now and as much as I prefer and love summer, I can now work inside guilt free and get mucho amounts of things done sans hearing the ocean (and Sven) constantly beckoning me!

Lion's Gate Bridge, North Vancouver, BC

For Vangroovians, if you dare to brave the weather this weekend, I just topped up my stock yesterday at Favourite Gifts in the Lonsdale Quay Market in North Vancouver! This is a lovely collective full of amazing local, independent artists. I will also be delivering to Kimprints on Denman and in Gastown, Two of Hearts in Kits and on Main and Migration Boutique in Victoria. 

This Thursday, we are staying open late to kick off the holiday shopping season at Giving Gifts and Company, an artist collective I am a part of, located on Main and 29th. We offer a bevy of dizzyingly lovely and beautiful local, handmade and fair trade gifts! RSVP to the event here.

Local is the new black. 
Don't let your friends shop at chain stores. 
Shop independent this year! 

When you visit an independent local business you keep more money in your local economy, support local jobs, help the environment, encourage community, conserve your tax dollars and make your community a destination! And it's just plain 'ol good karma:)

Will write again soon! Please don't ever hesitate to write me back and let me know what's up! Many of you I haven't seen for so long but hope to real soon...and you're always in my thoughts. I thank you for keeping up with me on this entrepreneurial ride and I appreciate all your support. I hope that you are cozy and warm and feelin' GREAT wherever you may be. Happy Thanksgiving to my American peeps!

Mucho love and HUGS, 


Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

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