Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How Awesome is Your Mama?

Laughing Statues, English Bay, Vancouver, BC

I know I have been slackin' big time on my blog AGAIN. Oy vey. Maintaining one's online presence is a full time job what with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the like! And then the longer I don't write a blog, the more daunting it becomes when I think of all the info I want to share! So much I wanna share:) 

For now, I must address the uber important holiday coming up this weekend! Mother's Day yay! I both look forward to and to be honest, dread this day. On the bright side, it gives me a chance to honour and remember my Mom and tell you how great she was and you get to share how great your Mom is/was too! But it's a hard one cause I really would rather just be hanging out with her than braggin'. 

So every year since her passing, I have had a Mother's Day Giveaway so we can honour and remember our Moms by telling a story about their awesomeness!

My Mom was her own person. She could have fun in just about any situation and smile no matter how tough times got. She taught me that life is too short to care what other people think. To do high kicks in public if the need arose. To take a chance on following my dreams. To throw my head back in fits of laughter, often. To always look on the bright side. Have FUN. Be silly. Be strong. Be giving. And most of all to LOVE like there's no manana:)

You can enter by leaving a word or a story about your Mom's awesomeness here on my FB page.

Comments, likes and shares all gain one entry each.

Oh, and I almost forgot the prize!

It is a $50 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! Maybe you want to customize a hand stamped necklace with her name on it or make a photo she likes into a pendant. OR just pass on the certificate to her and she can choose herself!

Winner will be announced on my FB page, Sunday May 10th. 

I am very grateful to have a platform in which I get to share memories of my Mom. It is so important that loved ones who have passed on stay alive in our memory, that way they never leave us:)

Happy Mother's Day and Many Blessings, 


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